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Bare Biology

Designed by women, for women. Pure, effective and backed by science

Ancient + Brave

Pure, potent and sustainable supplements

HotTea Mama

Award winning organic teas for pregnancy and motherhood

They’re the perfect breakfast for busy Mums…

Have you tried Mama's Overnight Oats?

Specialised nutrition

High in fibre and Omega 3, and high in the vitamins and minerals new Mums' bodies need, after pregnancy, birth and during breastfeeding.

Easy to prepare

Simply mix with milk (dairy or plant-based) before bed, and let them sit in the fridge overnight. A healthy breakfast couldn't be easier!

4 delicious flavours

Choose between 4 delicious flavours, packed full of functional ingredients. Proving that food that does you good can still taste amazing.

At Mama Nourish we put Mums’ health and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

As a Mum myself, I know first-hand that looking after your own needs with a young family can be a real challenge. You’re busier than ever, and the demands on your time and energy are sky-high.

But during this demanding season of life, it’s more important than ever to support our physical health and mental resilience.

At Mama Nourish, our mission is to find the very best in health and wellbeing to support your motherhood journey, from pregnancy vitamins to breastfeeding teas and the highest quality food supplements.

Enjoy browsing the store! We’re proud that all the brands we stock are female founded, deliver exceptional quality and are committed to producing sustainably.


"The overnight oats are delicious and really easy to prepare. I treated myself to the set of 4 and a pot, and bought one for a friend. Really good value for money when you work out each portion is 95p! Really well packaged, excellent customer service and quick delivery. I will be buying them again and have recommended them to several people!"



"Absolutely love my Mama Nourish overnight oats for breakfast - means I can guarantee myself breakfast every day because I make it the night before and take it to work with me. Mornings with two littles are so hectic I never used to have time for my own breakfast, but now I get a filling and nutritious start to the day."



"What a great present! Thank you so so much. It's a great idea. It's so hard to put anything together to eat"


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Mama Nourish was created to provide practical help with mums’ self-care. We believe that well balanced nutrition, hydration, rest and movement can help mums to thrive. Check out our signature collection of overnight oats, which are tailored to your body’s needs during postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. They taste great and are a healthy, gut-friendly, energy-boosting snack any time you need it. Every order is simply bursting with love-in-a-box, whether you’re buying for yourself or sending a thoughtful new mum gift.

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