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“Postnatal Depletion”. Say, what?

“Postnatal Depletion” is a term we don’t hear very often, but it’s a brilliant one. It explains why, without proper rest and recovery after pregnancy and childbirth, Mums can feel off-kilter for as long as 10 years! Read on.

Self-care doesn’t need to be fancy

I think we have a tendency to overdo the whole idea of self care. Maybe it’s the Insta-perfect, filtered view we give of self care moments on social media. Sometimes it feels like a spa weekend away from the kids or a new cashmere lounge set is the only self care that ‘counts’. I don’t […]

Let’s talk … galactagogues!

If you’re a breastfeeding Mum, and you suspect that your milk supply has increased since you incorporated oats into your diet, you may well be right! For thousands of years, breastfeeding mums have been eating particular foods that are believed to increase the quantity and quality of their milk. Scientific research is still a bit […]

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