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Our 10 best Christmas gifts for new Mums 2023

Christmas is a lovely opportunity to pamper new Mums, and to show them that they’re seen and supported, though their evolution into motherhood.

It’s totally normal for new Mums to find it difficult to create the time and energy for some TLC, amid the sleep-deprived whirlwind of new parenthood. Self-care is much needed though, since she’s not only recovering from the physical demands of pregnancy and birth, but also getting to grips with life as a Mum and with a new baby to look after. It’s a steep (and exhausting) learning curve!

So often, the gifts we choose for new Mums are all about their babies; YES those cute little seasonal outfits are totally gorgeous, but I’d really encourage you to go for something nourishing for Mum … not only does she (really) deserve it, but it’s a lovely way to show her that she’s super important too. We’ve picked our top 10 new Mum gifts for this Christmas, all of them designed to make Mums feel seen and cherished by the ones they love.

Flat lay image of a gift box for a new Mum

Pregnancy and new Mum gift boxes at Don't Buy Her Flowers

Create your own bespoke gift box, choosing from hundreds of carefully chosen, thoughtful items all hand picked for pregnancy and new motherhood. From beautiful skincare, to books, snuggly blankets, teas, candles and more, you can create something really personal, gift wrapped and topped off with a hand written note. And ... you can find your favourite overnight oats by Mama Nourish in there too .... just sayin'. Build your box from £8.50,

Two bottles of non alcoholic spirit on a yellow background

Tropical non-alcoholic spirits by Caleño

Don't let her feel left out this Christmas if she's not drinking! Proving that alcohol-free can still be fun, Caleño 0% spirits are available in 2 Latin-inspired flavours, which are great for mixing into seasonal mocktails. They're also sugar free and low calorie. RRP £18 per 50cl bottle, or click here to try both for £32.

Knotted cotton necklace in bright pink and blue

Organic cotton jewellery,

These colourful and sustainable knotted cotton necklaces are the perfect antidote to little grabbing hands (I lost several silver necklaces to Teddy's newborn grasp!). Textile jewellery designer and maker Paulomi Debnath's colourful collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings make super gifts; each piece is meticulously crafted from organic cotton, they're hand washable, customisable across the range of 27 vibrant colours, from a very budget-friendly £20.

Three boxes of organic tea for new Mums

HotTea Mama organic wellness tea blends

Multi- award winning tea experts Kate and Bethan are the creators of this beautiful range of functional, whole leaf teas designed to naturally support women's wellness. With proven botanical benefits for women's health (including blends to support breastfeeding, to aid restful sleep or for a bit of 'Get Up & Glow'), HotTea Mama has it covered. Click to discover the collection at (gift sets priced at £18)

Pure Omega 3 by Bare Biology

What a brilliant stocking-filler! Bare Biology 'Mum and Bump' Omega 3 capsules provide 560mg of DHA, a complete daily dose, harvested from sustainably sourced Norwegian fish oil (but without any fishy aftertaste). Omega 3 fatty acids are incredibly important during pregnancy and breastfeeding, they're essential to healthy brain and eye development in our babies and they're super important for new Mums too, supporting good mental well-being. A month's supply starts at £19.51 on subscription.

Leopard print ballet pump with neon trim

Sneaker-soled ballet flats by Sloafer

Lucy Herron founded Sloafer when she was pregnant, and desperately needed a comfortable flat shoe that was supportive enough for busy days on her feet. Pictured is the best-selling 'Emilia' : aren't these just gorgeous?! Beautifully styled ballerinas with a cushioned, grippy sole. Plus, an exclusive 10% discount just for us! RRP £180 (take 10% off with code MAMA10) at

Pregnant mum-to-be wearing black nursing bra

Magnetic nursing bra by Jorgen House

Jorgen House has created a collection of super soft sports, lounge and underwear designed to gently support our changing bodies through pregnancy and postpartum. This is the award-winning Magnetic Bra - easy to unclip one-handed for breastfeeding, robust enough to stay put the rest of the time, and (essentially) super soft, seam- and wire-free. An absolute must for breastfeeding Mums, check out their beautiful sleep bras and bump-supporting leggings too at Magnetic Bra, £65

Skincare trio in a blue gift box

Pregnancy and new parent gift sets by Bloom and Blossom

I don't know about you, but my skin is crying out for moisture now the central heating has gone back on and the weather has taken a turn! Bloom and Blossom's 'You've Got This Mama' gift boxes include ultra-moisturising balm 'Wonder Worker' to protect wind-chapped cheeks, plus 'Smooth Moves' nourishing body oil which is ace on stretch marks and dry skin. Plus there's Spritzy Toes for tired legs and swollen ankles - a godsend for pregnancy. Ummm, yes please! Christmas maternity gifts start at £14,

Set of three leopard print cotton hair towels

Organic cotton hair towel by Good Wash Day

Postpartum hair loss is *a thing*. Hormonal changes can result in shedding and brittle hair, especially during the year following birth, and gentler handling can really help. These organic jersey cotton hair drying wraps by Good Wash Day cause less damage and friction than regular towels, with 88% of users polled reporting less breakage, and 68% less shedding. Available in a range of uplifting colours and patterns, from £27, at

Single wick candle in a dark brown glass jar

Soy wax candles by Take Five Aromatherapy

The lovely Kirsty at Take Five Aromatherapy has created a gorgeous range of soy wax candles and melts, designed to support women's wellbeing throughout pregnancy and parenthood. We love the 'Recover and Rest' blend, with Neroli, Lemon and Lavender, to ease stress, combat nausea and promote balance. Find the full range at Glass jar candles priced at £12.

A huge “thank you” to the brilliant female founders and business owners that helped me to compile this list, and to the leadership and community at “Buy Women Built” – an incredible collective of inspiring brands built by women.

By shining a light on women-built brands, the Buy Women Built movement brings choice to consumers who want to empower and support women, while inspiring future female entrepreneurs that they can do it too. It’s a call-to-action to consumers : we can all aim to buy more from women-built brands and ultimately, help close the gender entrepreneurship gap in the UK.

To discover more brilliant women-built brands and to find out more, head to


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